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Large Tree Stencils

Large Tree Stencils

The Tree and Birch effect is a popular interior design pattern right now. The repeating Birch Tree Pattern stencil would look great in any room. These large tree stencils can turn your space into a cozy and magical forest. Ranging from 5 to 6 ½ feet gives them a life-size effect in your home. Your home can transform into a beautiful olive grove, birch forest, or spring orchard.

Stencils are a wonderful alternative to wallpapering as wallpaper can be quite expensive and is difficult to apply without assistance. If you wish to control the color, intensity, and placement of your design, then give stenciling a try. Unlike wallpaper, stencils can be used again and again and will work on textured walls, floors, furniture, and fabric.

Stencils are so easy to use that anyone from the DIY'er to the experienced professional designer can give stenciling a try! All you need is some paint and a stencil roller or brush.


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